LED Rave Glasses Completed

11 Aug

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you an update on the glasses I said I would be emulating at some point this summer. Well, that time has come and they are finally finished. However, they look a little rough. I am still quite pleased with the overall product and will most likely be making a second pair. Got the idea from this awesome How-to….Link

Starting out with some graph paper to map where the LED’s will go….

Next I drilled the holes. Probably should have used a drill press, but a cordless drill worked just fine….

Then I stuck those bad boys in there and soldered it up using a multiplexing method (uses less pins on the microcontroller so you can control multiple leds with just one pin)…

Then I stuck the lenses back into the glasses and started wiring up the microcontroller, the batteries, and programming port…

There’s the finished product while I’m wearing them…

Here’s a snippet of what one of the sections of code does….

Finally, heres a video complete with my sweet voice explaining what they actually do…

Pretty fun project if you ask me, I’ll definitly be making another pair hopefully they come out a little cleaner. Still I’m very stoked about how they came out…

Edit-Version 2.0 is working in a different set of glasses with code debugs to remedy the scrolling text issue.


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